First Lady of BMF radio interview with Detroit’s 107.5


Check out the interview with BMF’s First Lady, Tonesha Welch, on HOT 107.5 radio show

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BMF: Terry “Southwest T” Flenory Reports In Live From Prison

The Pen Hustle With Brandy Cavalli


Terry Flenory, AKA Southwest T, 1/2 of the Flenory brothers currently incarcerated for running a multi million drug empire called into “The Morning Heat” show of his hometown Detroit and gave an exclusive interview from Florida prison.

Terry is the older brother and somewhat less flamboyant brother of Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, with whom he headed the Black Mafia Family. According to the feds, Southwest T ran the west coast operation which distributed drugs from California to all of its other hubs in major US cities. Both brothers were sentenced to over 30 years in federal penitentiary.

Check out this new interview with Southwest T in which he gave insight about what the legacy of BMF really stood for, his opinion on the state of hip hop today, the BMF clothing line, police brutality and why Black Lives Matter.

Support the Sylent Heart Foundation coordinated by BMF wife–First Lady of BMF– Tonesha Welch, and help the Black Mafia Family rebuild lives and communities.

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From The Hood To Hollywood – Lisa Buford

The Last Girl Standing

Meet Lisa Buford

LISA B photo 2

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles CA, “Lisa B” realized at a very early age that she would have to take responsibility for her own success in life.

Now a successful celebrity barber and groomer of 15 years, she enjoys her work on television and movie sets in Hollywood, but life wasn’t always as glamorous for the one time single teenage mom.

Faced with many obstacles and roadblocks along the way, her ultimate success lies in her refusal to give up or give in.

Growing up in Lisa’s home, she was taught morals, character and most importantly, a disciplined work ethic.

Like many young ladies who often find themselves caught up in the arms of street men, she undoubtedly found her own life spinning out of control.

She gave birth to two children with her (then) high school love and enventually dropped out of school, all by age 16…

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Tonesha Welch presents BMF Wives

The Last Girl Standing

Rumor has it, Terry Flenory’s, the drug king pin and leader of the BMF (Black Mafia Family), wife has turned into a Shaunie O’Neal sort of and is now producing a show called, “B.M.F. Wives.” While Terry’s brother, Demetrius Flenory aka “Big Meech” is the more popular of the two. Terry was said to be the Boss. Terry’s wife along with four other wives of BMF affiliates have started filming and plan on telling their side of the story. We hear the show is in negotiations with various networks. We are not much into reality tv, but must admit that we WILL be tuned into watch these ladies set the record straight and show their progression.

Check the BMF wives out below:

From Far Right: Terry’s Wife Tonesha Welch, Gricelda Chavez, Lisa Buford and Tiffany Gloster
Since the initial release of this press on the BMF Wives last year…

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