17 Facts About Narcos And The Drug Lord Who Inspired It All

The Pen Hustle With Brandy Cavalli

1. Narcos was originally supposed to be a full-length feature film. According to Producer Eric Newman, once they started discussing how in-depth they wanted to get with the backstories of both the good and the bad characters, the team knew there would be way too much content for a movie. The story was just too good. It needed to be a series.

2. Brazilian actor Wagner Moura had to learn Spanish for the role of Pablo Escobar. He fully immersed himself in the character by taking a Spanish class at a local university and reading everything that had ever been printed about Pablo Escobar.

3. Moura also gained 40lbs to play Escobar—and even after that, he had to wear a fake stomach to really nail Escobar’s physique. Director José Padilha explained that Escobar himself was smoking marijuana all day and would literally eat everything in sight. His physical appearance needed…

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