Texas shows in retrospect


Ever wondered about the lifestyle on tour? Swishgang artist Shaliek Mendoza has recently performed at the My Authority tour with T-Zank and e3’s Texas run.  The tour reached three Texas cities San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin. Shaliek Mendoza gave his performances along  with a few other artist, at the tour’s Dallas and Austin listings. The Dallas show was in Deep Ellum at Elm Street. https://www.facebook.com/events/1617668171785186/  The Austin show was on the drag at Love Goat, near Univ. of Texas. . https://www.facebook.com/events/1622888074617146/

IMG_20150615_015425 Shaliek far right T-Zank center Elm Street

The My Authority Tour had 60 cities on its list of destinations.  Thankfully, 24 hour fitness is only $25 a month.  Sometimes before the next gig, A quick workout and run threw the showers is all you can get.  Which cities would be on your list of “dine or ditch”?

With Shaliek Mendoza continuing to network with T-Zank, the Texas Rap scene…

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