Sponsorships Trends (Swishgang’s product placement)


  • 3 Reasons Magazine Articles increase exposure (Swishgang and rudeboy. Magazine)  Having articles benefit businesses by giving the ability to display higher quality images than either direct mail or newspaper. Give the public higher quality images, represented with full color and gloss. In addition, magazines like Rudeboy Mag  target a specific demographic. (http://rudeboymag.com/)  Advertising in magazines within your industry, you are almost guaranteed to reach your intended audience.
  • 3 Top Swishgang affiliates with Rude Boy Mag. (Industry Colleague Credentials)  The most current artist from Swishgang to endorse Rudeboy  is Shaliek Mendoza. Also, D.O.S from Austin Texas is making a supportive impact. Shaliek Mendoza showed great footage of Austin in his most recent Article “The Unstoppable”.Rude-Boy-(http://rudeboymag.com/unstoppable-shaliek-mendoza/) More recently, D.O.S is representing with content galore in his article “D.O.S.; Dare Observe the Skills”.Rudeboy Snapbacks(http://rudeboymag.com/d-o-s/)
  • 5 Trend techniques( Swishgang Culture)  Product placement is primary.  When your following can relate an artist with a product, the artist…

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